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What we do
Logo design

We create a mark to initiate a story that represents all about you & your Brand with clear comunicable elements.


We shoot tempting yet self descriptive food images. Styled & composed to create “pick me up” appeal to take your pack places.

Packaging Design

We compose your brand Identity with Image & information so harmoniously, which creates a very clear, positive & confident appearance of pack to make it stand tall & superior among other packs around.

Web Development

We engage client website visitors with a user-friendly design and in an interactive format to delight them. Development specialties could be in CMS, Framework, databases, SEO, eCommerce, Analytics and more, but one thing is common: the need for a well-crafted mission.


In today’s social media world, video marketing is undoubtedly, one of the strongest media to your promotion toolbox. Video builds trust quicker as that can explain everything in more authentic way.A study tells that video can engages even the Laziest Buyers.That’s why video is quickly becoming a marketer’s media tool of choice

Character Designing

Customized cartoon characters are unique, smart, cool, so good at convincing . Fictional and perhaps non-human cartoon characters can be as smart as you wish, they can do any damn thing, can be smartest, bravest, intelligent than others around. Fictional characters can influence target audience more smartly than human models as we can take them beyond human limits. They are more loyal and also can grow as brand grows.

How We Do

Is a team of graphic designers, food stylist & photographers with high standards and a passion for building great food brands. Our leadership team combines refreshing ideas, clear communication and perseverance to deliver the great work that leads to our clients' success.